Experience the difference with Team Beals

Here's What Team Beals Provides for Buyers and Sellers of Real Estate

  • You always have two experienced real estate professionals  working with your best interests at heart.
  • Lake Area Realtors®  listens to your needs and we’re always in close communication with you.
  • Lake Area Realtors® provides a professional photographer to take all of your photos. Lake Area Realtors® also does a walk-thru video of the property and home. We also provide a drone video for all waterfront properties, homes with acreage and golf course properties.
  • Lake Area Realtors® provide Premium Flyers and Brochures from our Marketing department.
  • Lake Area Realtors® provide Premium “Just Listed” postcards that are mailed out to your neighborhood, asking your neighbors to tell people about your home. Neighbors usually like to pick their fellow neighbors, so they communicate your home’s availability to friends.
  • Lake Area Realtors® provide limited staging for vacant homes, sometimes minimal furniture (upon availability). Towels in bathrooms, shower curtains, pictures and additional decorations which make a significant difference of how the home shows… and this at NO CHARGE TO YOU!
  • Lake Area Realtors® will do a walk-through of the interior and exterior of your home looking at it from the perspective of a buyer and discuss with you what we think could help your home stand out for prospective buyers. Lake Area Realtors® will discuss what what repairs you may want to have done up front to avoid having to use a contractor to do so after the buyer’s inspection reports is done. This could save thousands of dollars in the process. If you opt to eliminate clutter to make your home show better and make it look larger, Lake Area Realtors® will provide the use of an enclosed trailer and move the content to a storage facility. (Upon availability)
  • Lake Area Realtors® do open houses upon request. An open house gives an opportunity for someone who may have never stopped in to see your home, that chance to see it, maybe love it, buy it, or tell someone they know about it.
  • Lake Area Realtors® will advertise your home on  Realtor.com, Zillow.com, Trulia.com, which are some of the TOP SEARCH ENGINES recognized by real estate consumers searching for a home with over 2.5 million views each yearly. Additionally, your home will also be featured locally on our own website, LAKEAREAREALTORS.COM.
  • Lake Area Realtors® hold our service to you in the highest regards: Honesty, Integrity, and Great Customer Service from start to closing.

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